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Gelassenheit - The Life of Samuel Froehlich


Gelassenheit - The Life of Samuel Froehlich


This audio drama is based on the life of Samuel Froehlich and events in the early days of the Apostolic Christian Church. Much of this information has been taken from Froehlich’s writings and other historical documents with the goal to make the story as accurate as possible. This production was written and performed in 2012 by Bluffton home school students who spent time studying Froehlich’s experiences. Some real events coinciding with the time of Froehlich’s life have been dramatized to make the story come to life. To lighten the serious nature of the subject matter, some details about the geographical locations and fictional conversations have been added.

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Disc 1

     1. Introduction

     2. Samuel Leaves Home

     3. Class with Professor Schulthess

     4. Prayers for an Erring Son

     5. Battle of the Adversary and the Angel

     6. Froehlich’s Homecoming

     7. Leutwil Reformed Protestant Church

     8. Removed from the Ministry

     9. We Ought to Obey God Rather than Men



Disc 2

     1. Imprisoned in Leutwil

     2. Arrival in Switzerland

     3. Christian Gerber

     4. the Brunschwiler Family

     5. Separation

     6. Reunited in Strasbourg

     7. A Visit from John Diebold