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Jesus Bids Us Shine


Jesus Bids Us Shine


Children's Voices & Mixed Chorus singing Children's songs with Piano, Guitar, and Bass accompaniment.


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Artist: Joyful Life

Song List:

Jesus Bids Us Shine
God Sees The Little Sparrow Fall
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
Whisper A Prayer
This Little Light Of Mine
Give Me Oil In My Lamp
Jesus Heals The Broken-Hearted
Dare To Be A Daniel
The Birds Upon The Treetops
The \Happy Day\ Express
Little Hands
My Name Is In The Bible
Jesus Loves Me
Isn't He Wonderful
What Can Little Children Do
A Happy Helper
How Do I Keep Happy?
I Love Jesus\, Yes, I Do
Jesus Loves The Little Ones
Oh\, Be Careful
Safe Am I
God Loves Our Voices\, Too
One Door\, And Only One
Oh\, I Must Be Good
I Can Spell A Lovely Name
Jesus Loves The Little Children
God Is Always Near Me
Joy In My Heart
When He Cometh