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Songs From The Past


Songs From The Past


Female Duet and Trio with some male harmonies singing contemporary songs with contemporary instrumentation.


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Artist: Becky & Ronda

Song List:

There's Something In The Air
I Wish You All Could Know Him
Why Me
Praise The Lord
I Just Came To Talk To You, Lord
Jesus And Me
Lonely Road Up Calvary's Way
Greater Is He That Is In Me
Give Them All To Jesus
We Have This Moment, Today
Say I Do
In The Garden
He Must Have Lovin' Eyes
The New 23rd
Since He Gave Me This Heart Of Love
The Wedding Song
The Power And The Glory
Hallowed Be The Name
In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul
His Sheep Am I
My Master
Heaven's Really Gonna Shine
Treasure Of Calvary
The Faith Medley